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Silk Road School, Renmin University of China (Suzhou), Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies 2020: Scholarship to Study In China

A Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies programme offered by the Silk Road School of the Renmin University of China is inviting applications from international students including those from Hong Kong. The Silk Road School offers different levels of scholarship for the successful applicants, including the full scholarship and partial scholarship.

Program Overview
Online Application

Application Schedule:
Cut-off date for online applications: 30 April 2020
Interview online: May – June 2020
Letters of admission sent out: July 2020
Semester begins: September 2020


恒基溫暖工程基金傳播獎學金 暫停第二屆獎學金評選活動通告


如有查詢,請聯絡新聞與傳播學系張仲華老師:cwcheung@hksyu.edu / 2804 8592(RLG 201)。



Simple Home Exercises Episode 2 – Table Tennis

It is essential to stay healthy and keep active with a habit to workout frequently as the COVID19 has been widespread around the world. We hope you all can enjoy the fun of working out, which can also help to boost our immune system. As the P.E. Section has invited our athletes to demonstrate some simple exercises that we can all do at home, and today it is time for our Men’s Table Tennis team to show us some workouts that everyone can do at home.

Let’s get started

Shooting date: 26/2/2020

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