The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) aims to provide an open, encouraging, with a supportive learning environment, in order to initiate students a healthy, well-balanced life. OSA provides a variety of services to students so that they can fully develop their potential, enjoy their campus life and complete their 4-year tertiary study successfully. OSA services include student activities, student finance, student counselling, career services, sports & P.E. and alumni liaison.

Apart from the above services, OSA also organizes various events, including Orientation Days, Graduation Ceremony, Athletic Meets, Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony, study tours and alumni gatherings. Practical concerns, services including, MTR Students Travel Scheme applications, campus tours for newcomers or visitors, as well as University representatives applications for external activities/competitions are also available through the OSA.

OSA plays an important role as an effective communication channel between the University and the students. OSA releases the latest news of the University to the students and at the same time, collects the suggestions given by the students to the University, so as to maintain a better and closer relationship between the two parties.