HKSYU recognizes our outstanding students with the academic and/or non-academic achievements through offering different types of scholarships and awards:

To promote HKSYU spirits, scholarships and awards are set up to recognize students’ outstanding academic performance, diligence as well as excellent conduct. HKSYU offers various types of scholarships and awards as below:

  • Undergraduate Scholarships:
    To encourage diligent undergraduates to strive for their best and keep making improvements in their academic performance.
  • Outstanding Academic Improvement Awards:
    To encourage and recognize undergraduates with significant improvement in their academic performance.
  • Service Scholarships:
    To compliment undergraduates on their enthusiasm in serving the university and the community.
  • Fellowships:
    To encourage the final-year undergraduates to engage in postgraduate education either locally or overseas.
  • Postgraduate Scholarships:
    To encourage diligent postgraduates to strive for their best and keep making improvements in their academic performance.

A number of external organizations recognize the outstanding academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through various types of scholarships and/or awards. The criteria, assessment and selection vary according to respective organization. Students should submit their own applications to such institutions.

Students are advised to visit the OSA website from time to time for relevant information. Details of application procedures are also available on the OSA website.

Interested students should read “Tips for Applying Scholarships” before completing their application forms.

HKSYU Annual Scholarship & Bursary Scheme

Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme

Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarships

For Our Future Scholarship

Link University Scholarship

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