Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers 2021/22

The Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers (the Scholarship) is set up by the Education Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as one of a series of measures to enhance the professionalism of English teachers in Hong Kong. The aim of the Scholarship is to attract persons proficient in English to pursue relevant local bachelor degree programmes and/ or teacher training programmes which will qualify them to become English teachers on graduation.

Application period: 12 to 23 August 2021

For details, please visit the website of Education Bureau.


Shue Yan Newsletter May 2021 Issue 

  • HKSYU Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony , more than $3.1 Million of scholarships & bursaries awarded
  • 36 students from the internship courses received HKYCOA’s outstanding performance award
  • Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Trial Competition 2020-21 cum Prize-Giving Ceremony was held with great success
  • Professor Louis LEUNG’s research project on problematic use of social media and mental health
  • Professor WEI Chuxiong talking about China-US relations
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  • 樹仁大學周年獎助學金頒獎典禮 頒發310多萬元獎助學金
  • 【50周年校慶‧校友專訪】梁家雄與賴琬婷夫婦在樹仁找到愛情和正確的人生態度
  • 區志堅博士發布研究杜葉錫恩教育思想專著並主持公開講座
  • 中文系開辦暑期文學創作微課程
  • 梁永熾教授的問題性社交媒體使用與精神健康研究
  • 36名參與工作實習同學獲「香港青年總裁協會優異實習表現獎」
  • 魏楚雄教授在公開講座談新時代中美關係
  • 男子手球隊苦練侵略性防守 矢志把大專盃賽事淨失球數字降低
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Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship 2021/22

Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship (Scholarship) is established by Centaline Charity Fund Limited, which aims to award and support full-time secondary school students in Hong Kong with outstanding academic achievements for their full time first undergraduate degree studies (Year 1) in local, Mainland or overseas universities in the academic year 2021/22.


Applicants must:

  1. be permanent residents of Hong Kong or have resided in Hong Kong continuously for not less than 3 years and either their fathers/mothers must be permanent residents of Hong Kong;
  2. have completed full-time senior secondary education in Hong Kong;
  3. have attained excellent academic results at the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination or other equivalent public examinations;
  4. financially in need;
  5. have great leadership skills; and
  6. fulfill all application procedures and admission requirements at the institution of their choices and have been officially admitted by local, Mainland or overseas universities.

Application Deadline
20 August 2021, 11:59 pm (HKT)


For detailed information, please visit


Shue Yan Newsletter April 2021 Issue 

  • 50th Anniversary gate mural painting – using art to showcase the character of Shue Yan
  • International conference on Digital entrepreneurship, FinTech & FinReg
  • Interview with Mr. CHOW Wai Ming, Joe – The new University Librarian
  • Online career fair 2021 – Number of participating employers breaking record high
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  • 50周年校慶鐵閘彩繪 以藝術展現樹仁風貌
  • 國際學術會議:電子商務企業、金融科技、金融監管
  • 專訪新任圖書館館長周偉明先生
  • 50周年校慶校友專訪:伍家豪、伍家進兄弟難忘母校培育做人應有態度
  • 2021網上職業展覽 參展單位破紀錄
  • 會計系同學修讀實習科既得到工作經驗又學會團隊合作
  • 關好鈞同學懂得與系統性紅斑狼瘡症共存決心成為輔導員支援病友
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