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Overseas Koreans Foundation Local Fellowship Program 2022

In order to discover and foster talented overseas ethnic Koreans in China, Russia and CIS who can contribute to the overseas Koreans community and the development of their home country, the Overseas Koreans Foundation is now searching for local scholarship students from China, Russia and CIS. Ethnic Koreans (朝鮮族/高麗人) in China, Russia and CIS who are interested are very welcome to apply.

Ethnic Korean(朝鮮族/高麗人)

Undergraduate / graduate students studying in Universities in China, Russia and CIS Region
Scholarship Information: 

  • China / Russia / Kazakhstan : US$1,200 /student /year
  • Other CIS Region : US$1,000 /student /year


  • Obtain the application forms at the website of Overseas Korean Foundation.
  • Submit the filled and signed application form with other required documents to the nearest Korean Embassy / Consulate

Application Period: 

6th May (Friday) ~ 10th June (Friday) 2022
Scholarship Schedule: 

  • Scholars Selection (July ~ Mid-August)
  • Announcement of Scholars: on Korean Net Homepage (Mid-September)
  • Scholarship Payment (September ~ Mid-October)
  • Presentation of Scholarship Certificate (Mid-October)


Please read through the application guideline in details and contact us with email (in Korean or English) if you have any inquiries.

  • Application and Submission of Required Documents:
    Contact Korean Embassies in China, Russia and CIS Region (Hong Kong)
    Miss Christie LUK, Korean Consulate in HK
    hkg-eco@mofa.go.kr / +852 2862-1563
  • Technical Problems with filling online application form etc.:
    Mr. KIM Youngmin, Overseas Korean Foundation
    youngmin@okf.or.kr / +82-64-786-0292
  • Scholar Selection or other enquiries:
    Ms. Yoon Hyeseon, Overseas Korean Foundation
    yhs6543@okf.or.kr / +82-64-786-0272