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French Consulate Scholarship Schemes 2021

The French Consulate has increased its funding for its Excellence Scholarships Schemes in order to provide students with greater international exposure, particularly in light of changes during the recent pandemic. The Consulate does believe that global education is the key driver to prepare tomorrow’s leaders.


Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarship (For Master’s Degrees)
Students interested in studying in France can apply to the Alexandre Yersin Excellence Scholarship Scheme before 25 April 2021. It includes financial support to cover tuition fees (up to 5000€ per year), a monthly living allowance of 660€ for the duration of the programme and individual assistance to help students settle in France (accommodation, social welfare and insurance). No requirement in the French language is needed, as France has over 1600 programmes taught in English.


Make Our Planet Great Again (MOGPA)” Scholarship Scheme (For Post-Doctoral Researchers)
France offers the “Make Our Planet Great Again (MOGPA)” Scholarship Scheme to support young researchers through this 12-months Visiting Fellowship Programme.  The research project is focused on transdisciplinary “One Health” approach and aims to take a global view of health issues, environmental management and pressures on biodiversity to better prevent and respond to emerging diseases with pandemic risks. The deadline for application is 3 May 2021. The Programme will be conducted from January 2022.