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Mental Health Ambassador Program

Mental Health Ambassador Programme 2023–24  is now open for application!

If you are enthusiastic to help others and passionate to promote mental wellness to all students, come and join us to be a Mental Health Ambassador! Our selected MHA are given the training to provide peer support and promote mental wellness on campus.  Practical skills and basic mental health knowledge will be taught.

We will have 2 streams this year – Activity Team and Digital Team.  Students from any faculty are welcome.   

For details and application, please click here.

Deadline for application: 23 June 2023





29/8: 工管、法商、會計、經融
30/8: 社會、社工、輔心、應用數據科學
31/8: 中文、英文、歷史、新傳

時間: 13:00 – 17:00 (暫定)


https://osa.hksyu.edu/oday_helper_new_23-24/ (未曾擔任組長之同學)

https://osa.hksyu.edu/oday_helper_23-24/ (曾擔任組長之同學)

截止報名日期 : 202361