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The 33rd HKSYU Athletic Meet (8/3/2023)


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https://apps.hksyu.edu/sportsday/ https://osa.hksyu.edu/HKSYU_33rd-Athletic-Meet-Student-Helper/ https://osa.hksyu.edu/HKSYU_33rd-Athletic-Meet-Alumni-Enrollment-Form/

Event Schedule, Reminder for Participants, Rules and regulation

Meet Record

Enrollment Deadline: 17/2/2023, 23:59

W23_Fitness Room Using Workshop


Date: 18 & 20 January 2023

Venue: RLG 404 Fitness Room, Research Complex/ LG1 Fitness Room, Residential & Amenities Complex

Fee: HK$150 for students, HK$300 for staff members (only accept Octopus payment) including course fee and gym pass for the second semester 2022-2023

Enrollment: Office of Student Affairs,  H402, Residential & Amenities Complex on a first-come-first-served basis