Welcome to HKSYU

The Orientation Programme for New Students will be held on campus between 23 Aug and 26 Aug 2021. All newly admitted students are required to attend this programme according to the schedule.

Opening Ceremonies cum Introduction of Programmes and Faculties (23 Aug)

Dress Code: Formal Dressing


Faculty of students

Session 1: 10am-12nn

Faculty of Social Sciences & Commerce

Session 2: 11am-1pm

Faculty of Arts

Schedule for Orientation Days (24-26 Aug)


Programme of study

24 Aug 2021, TUE

Counselling & Psychology


Social Work


25 Aug 2021, WED


Business Administration

Business Administration in HRM - Applied Psychology

Business Administration in Digital Marketing

Business Administration in Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Economics & Finance

Financial Technology

Law & Business

26 Aug 2021, THURS

Chinese Language & Literature



Journalism & Mass Communication

Media Design and Immersive Technology

Programme Rundown for Orientation Days

  • Understanding academic regulations, course selection, IT systems & WebSIMS
  • Campus life sharing by senior students
  • Enrollment for membership of student organizations and sports team trials