Individual Counselling

Come and talk to OSA counsellor if you are experiencing personal difficulties or emotional distress! Our individual counselling service is free for current HKSYU students. All information and content of the meetings will be kept confidential.

Developmental & Health Educational Programmes

Counselling Section organizes programmes, exhibitions, seminars and workshops to promote physical and mental wellness. Most of these activities are about:

  • Self-understanding
  • Mental health knowledge
  • Mindfulness

Programme details will be announced via email, poster, OSA website and Instagram.

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Support to Students with Special Education Needs (SEN)

Students who indicated special education needs (SEN) on the entrance questionnaire will be invited for a meeting. The responsible OSA Counsellor will listen to your needs and help arrange appropriate support, such as counselling service and examination accommodations. There is also a study room (RLG103) for students with visual impairment. 

If you need special education support but have not been contacted by OSA by the end of September, please give us a call at 2104-8222 or email us at