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Registry provides administrative support to students on academic matters. Their offices are located at RHB305 & 306, Research Complex.

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Arrangements for Teaching and Learning for Fall Semester of 2020-21

Due to the unpredictable nature of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the University will adopt the following measures with respect to teaching and learning with effect from 1 September 2020 until further notice.

  1. With the exception of skill-based and practice-based courses, all teaching and learning will primarily be conducted online.
  2. Heads of Departments are requested to submit, after consultation with departmental colleagues, a list of courses which are deemed best to be taught via face-to-face (ftf) instruction, or a mixed mode of ftf and online instruction.
  3. All courses taught, be they via online, ftf, or ftf+online mode, will be recorded and posted on Moodle.
  4. Even when a course adopts a ftf or ftf+online mode, students will still enjoy the liberty to choose their mode of learning. No class attendance will be taken and all modes of learning will be assessed equally.
  5. As stated previously, the ftf mode is restricted to classes of 30 or less, to be conducted in classrooms or lecture theatres with capacity for 50 or more.
  6. For students outside Hong Kong who opt for ftf or ftf+online mode of instruction, please keep yourselves informed about the quarantine measures ordered by the Hong Kong Government. If you have any questions, please communicate with the Office of Student Affairs directly.
  7. The teaching and learning mode of all courses offered in the Fall Semester of 2020-21 will be posted on Moodle.
  8. In all probability, mid-term and final examinations will be held online.
  9. For all students and staff opting for the ftf mode, anti-virus protection measures (taking of body temperature, wearing of surgical masks, frequent hand sanitization, and maintenance of social distance) MUST BE STRICTLY OBSERVED.
  10. The ftf mode will be terminated immediately if and when there is a confirmed case of infection on campus.

Important Control Measures on COVID-19

Since January, the University has been closely monitoring the overall development on COVID-19 pandemic. In reference to the infection preventive guidelines from the government authorities and by coordinating with various units across the University, a series of precautionary measures and adjustments were implemented to control the spread of the virus.

In view to the recent numerous infection cases in the local community, where some of which were confirmed in higher education institutions, the following immediate measures and adjustment to the operations will be conducted in case there is a COVID-19 confirmed case on campus:

  1. Facilitating the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) to conduct a site inspection and investigation on campus.
  2. Provide CHP the information to trace record of the relevant member(s) who has had contact with the confirmed case.
  3. Campus will remain closed until all medical investigations and disinfection is completed.
  4. No students or staff will be allowed on campus while it is closed. All teaching and learning will be conducted online. All staff are required to work from home except for those who are responsible for executing contingency arrangements.
  5. Any close contact members associated with the confirmed case will be sent for medical surveillance and mandatory quarantine in the designated facilities.
  6. If a member shares the same work place or lives on the same floor with a confirmed case, he/she will be asked to remain home and self-quarantine for 14 days.
  7. Where deemed necessary, the University may ask any member(s) to undertake the COVID-19 test as a precautionary measure. Subject to the test result, the University may alter any work arrangement with the member(s).
  8. All students and staff residents (including family members) in campus accommodations are expected to refrain from leaving the unit as much as possible. All residents should enhance and maintain good household and personal hygiene, and must wear a face mask and to keep social distance in all common areas of the campus.

We realise the above measures may cause different level of disruption to the SYU community, in that, I ask for your support and understanding to help our community fight against the unprecedented pandemic.

For further enquiries, please contact our hotline at 2570-7110.