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Shue Yan Newsletter March and April 2022 Combined Issue

  • Effective contingency planning to fight the epidemic on campus
  • Letter from the Deputy President: Let’s do our parts, support each other and fight the pandemic
  • Connie YUEN using AI-based mobile app to support children with speech sound disorders
  • Study on how do ethnic minorities in Hong Kong cope with cancer by Dr. LAU Flora Pui-yan
  • Life of exchange students under the pandemic
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  • 仁大及早制定應變方案 有效支援校內抗疫工作
  • 胡懷中副校監致樹仁仝人書:做好本份守望相助一起抗疫
  • 交換生獻唱校歌共賀樹仁50周年校慶
  • 交換生分享疫情下的大學交流生活
  • 袁文貞博士利用人工智能手機應用程式支援構音障礙兒童治療
  • 劉珮欣博士研究香港少數族裔如何應付癌症
  • 50周年校慶雲端跑挑戰賽及得獎者訪問
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