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Thank you for visiting our website! We aim to provide an effective platform to meet your recruitment needs through our employer services below. 

Contact us at 2806-5158 during our office hours or write us an email if you need any assistance.

HKSYU Job Portal

Job Portal serves as a centralized platform for employers to advertise their job openings to our students. All our undergraduate and first-year graduate students can login and browse the approved job posts. Please click the button below to login or create an employer account.

Information from Labour Department:

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Recruitment Talk

We offer assistance to employers in arranging recruitment talks on HKSYU campus. It is an effective channel if you are planning to recruit our students for a series of positions.

To apply, please submit the request form below for our review.

Request should be submitted by end of July. Application result would be released by September.

Request should be submitted by early December. Application result would be released by January.

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Career Fair

Career Fair is held annually on HKSYU campus, usually in February or March. It provides a platform for employers to know our students and conduct recruitment activities. To apply, please submit the request form to us. Our team will review all applications and invite suitable companies/organizations to participate.

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Request should be submitted by the end of November. Application result would be released by January.

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